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Virian Titles

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This page establishes the official titles and positions in the Church of Virus. The use of any title or position not described on this page within the Church of Virus is invalid.

 Reputation  Title  Origin  Qualifies for 
   PrimeVector  Chief carrier of memes  Head of the Virian Council 
   ArchVector  Highly infectious meme source  Memeber of the Virian Council
 >8  Archon  a high official; a ruler. One of the nine principal magistrates of ancient Athens.  Eligible for Membership on the Virian Council. Establishment of votes according to policy. 
 >7-8  Adept  someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field 
 >6-7  Magister  A teacher  Editing rights on the Wiki. Access to Cathedral 
 >5-6  Initiate  one being taught the principles of a religion  Voting 
 >4-5  Acolyte  one who assists a minister in a liturgical service  Education 
 >3-4  Anarch  an author of anarchy; one who excites revolt.  Reconciliation 
 1-3  Heretic  a person who holds unorthodox opinions in any field  Discipline, Disownment (potentially) 
 0  Neophyte  a new convert  Infection with beneficial memes 


Luminaries, any member of the CoV whose reputation as reflected by Meridion is above 7. i.e. all Adepts and Archons.

Congregation, any member of the CoV who is also a member of Meridion.

Virian Vector, all members of the CoV including those who have not joined Meridion.

Disgraced?, any Virian Vector subject to a disciplinary process, i.e. not in good standing

Disowned?, any ex-Vector subjected to a disownment process.

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