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Introduction to Meridion - Isn't this just a popularity contest?

The one thing that cannot be faked in an on-line environment is a reputation. It has to be developed over time. The Church of Virus has established Meridion, a Reputation rating system, which permits any member of this system to affect the reputation of the members of the congregation. Meridion is a weighted, reputation based feedback system, intended to allow the establishment of a Sumucracy, a system wherein a self-governing community gives more weight to those people who are respected by the community.

Meridion has many purposes. One is that it is a mechanism for introducing self-directed evolutionary change. Everyone involved in the reputation system plays a role in determining how we evolve. Meridion establishes a collective, collaborative mechanism for determining the meaning of "fittest" and a methodology for evolving evolutionary strategies. We anticipate that our evolution will become faster, and more rational in consequence of Meridion. By instantiating a mechanism designed to allow us to present ourselves more effectively, we should see our growth increase dramatically. Which helps us to propagate our memeplex. Those actively involved in doing so, will hopefully see a very immediate reward, further encouraging the involvement of others in "helping our evolution." Those actively involved in Meridion have the ability to change its form and application. All members of the Virian Congregation are invited and in fact are strongly encouraged to join Meridion and become involved in this process, formally on the wiki, less formally on the BBS and informally on IRC. It should be noted that Virion Vectors who do not choose to join Meridion are also involved in its definition, as they are tacitly accepting and approving the system as it is being developed.Meridion also will assist in regulating conduct through feedback from the community, reducing the need to apply the draconian consequences of silencing or disownment which previously were our only remedies for anti-social behaviour. As part of instituting Meridion, we have established some formal and informal processes, and are in the process of establishing others, to ensure that our BBS, which is not just our church, meeting hall and neighborhood bar, but also our primary advertising of ourselves to the public, serves as a friendly local place, where Virians can meet, teach learn and discuss things.

Where Meridion Fits In

Potential Virians are, by definition, those who accept the "Virian Virtues", reject the "Senseless Sins", and share the goals of the Church of Virus.

Virian Vectors are those who assert themselves to be Virians and are accepted as Virians by the members of the Church of Virus.

Members in good standing of the Church of Virus who are members of the Meridion are refered to as the Virian Congregation.

Meridion automatically calculates the reputation of members depending on how they are perceived by themselves and other Virians.

Joining Meridion

1. Create an account on the httpBBS.

2. httpRate other members.

As soon as your ratings are saved, others gain the ability to rate you.

How Meridion Functions

Members of Meridion allocate one another's 'Reputations', by assigning them values in the range

1. This person should be banned

2. Little or no redeeming value

3. Strongly negative opinion

4. Slight negative opinion

5. Neutral or no opinion

6. Slight positive opinion

7. Strong positive opinion

8. A credit to the the community

9. A pillar of the community

For the purpose of evaluating 'Reputation', 'Influence' and 'Equity', members who are not yet rated by others are administratively allocated a 'neutral Reputation' of 5.


How are reputations calculated?

How is influence calculated?

How is equity calculated?

Meridion's Effects

The titles of the members of the congregation and the priviledges they are eligable for, are established by their reputations as recorded by the http"Reputation rating system". It is anticipated that the linkage between Meridion and all of the facilities provided by the CoV will be extended and automated over time.

See also: Sumucracy;Virian Titles;http"Reputation rating system"; http"Advogato"

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