Virian Council


The mainly fictious group of people that control the ChurchOfVirus. They are currently establishing a Policy in #viruspolicy

Current Membership

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Appointments and Resignations




Prescribed Bussiness and Responsibilities

Delegation and Revocation of Powers

The VirianCouncil is the curator of all trademarks, tangible and intangible property, intellectual and real property rights of the Church of Virus, is fully capable of contracting, acquiring and disposing of assets and may take whatever steps it deems necessary to safeguard the assets of the Church of Virus including the delegation of the administration, fruits or costs of ownership at its pleasure. Specifically:

The VirianCouncil is authorized to transact on behalf of the Church of Virus for any business, which a quorum of the VirianCouncil determines to be legitimate business of the Church of Virus. In particular, the VirianCouncil is authorized to:

The VirianCouncil is responsible for providing accounting to anyone with a legitimate interest, including all ArchVectors, of all financial activities undertaken by the VirianCouncil. Such accounting will be available to the above at all times, in electronic format.

Any action by any VirianCouncil requiring the investment of more than 30% of the funds held by that council will be put to the VirianCouncil as a vote.

No funds held by the Church of Virus shall be disbursed without the approval of the Treasurer or person or persons nominated as alternative by the Treasurer.

The Church of Virus agrees to indemnify all ArchVectors from all and any claims against them for actions made in good faith on behalf of the Church of Virus.

The VirianCouncil may establish subsidiary or associated organizations and may set the conditions under which those susidiaries or associated organizations may operate.

The VirianCouncil may unilaterally establish powers delegated to subsidiary or associated organizations and may alter such conditions from time to time as it sees fit.

The VirianCouncil has the unilateral capability of revoking powers of delegation granted by it, by means of a vote of the VirianCouncil. Such revocation of delegated powers shall be effective at the time designated by the VirianCouncil.

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