Virian Heretic

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A Virian Heretic is a member of the congregation of the Church of Virus in good standing and poor repute, having a reputation above 1 up to and including 3 as determined by Meridion[1].

Origin: a person who holds unorthodox opinions in any field .

Please note that in the Church of Virus this does not mean quite the same thing as usual, but instead merely refers to a person who is not greatly esteemed by the congregation, as the Church of Virus does not have any dogma. Instead, it likely means that the Virian Heretic is perceived not to be embodying the Virian Virtues or as embodying the SenselessSins, that they are possibly perceived as being in open variance with the Body or even that they are making it difficult or impossible to maintain order and civility in our deliberations. As such, Heretics should look to themselves or ask for help in order to improve their standing within the community.

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[1] httpReputation System

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