Voting to Accept a Wiki Page As Authoritive

VoteCalledFor VectorHermit

All proposed votes must first be posted on the httpWiki in the procedure detailed in VirianVoting

The numbers and periods on this page may be altered as required by the Virian Council.

First Vote

A vote, may be established by any VirianVector on the httpVirian Voting Page. A vote must include a link to the wiki page being voted upon and the link must include the version number of the document in question. e.g. http

All such votes must offer:


The quorum for any vote brought in terms of this clause shall be 60% of the total equity.

If a quorum and a majority is not achieved at the time a vote is closed, the vote must be regarded as having failed and the document rejected.

Voting shall remain open until closed by:

Vote topics should not include slanted questions or adjectives, but should simply contain the wiki page title. The topic must point to the wiki page title including the version number for the vote to be valid. Advocacy should be restricted to the BBS or official (logged) Virian IRC channels. Virians are encouraged to ignore private communications advocating voting in a particular fashion.

Apathy being regarded as a Senseless Sin all members of the Virian Congregation are expected to vote whenever the opportunity arises. It should be noted that all polls provide a button allowing the Voter to abstain if they wish neither to accept nor support a motion. Discussion of the vote on the BBS is strongly recommended.

The VirianVector responsible for establishing the vote is responsible for closing the vote and updating the affected wiki page(s) (WikiAccepted or WikiRejected) to reflect the results under penalty of Disciplinary Action. This update must include the voting results and may include comments on the voting.


Where a VirianVector wishes to revote upon a document that has already been voted upon, a new page or pages must be established and a poll offering:

Again, all document links must include the version number to be valid.

Multiple voting options will be allowed.

The selection having the greatest total of votes will be carried.

All other conditions will be as above.

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