Heylighen, Francis

In introducing the PersonHeylighenFrancis to this site I have introduced CoV and WoV to another real time professional ArchVector? of Memetics. I was infected by one of his memes on Complexity? when a review of materials lead me to this paper, httpThe Growth of Structural and Functional Complexity during Evolution. How did I get into the topic of complexity? VectorDeesJoe? and I were having a conversation onthe topic of the genesis of communication, vis-a-vis, Joe was talking about a paper of his Tools, Language, and Text?. I was infected and went off in search of more memes. I have had letters with F. Heylighen concerning complexity. I need to study more math; more memes. I hope that the illuminati of CoV and WoV find PersonHeylighenFrancis as truely a useful vector as I have. Kirk Steele

Memes on the Network (Heylighen, Francis; http''Memes On The Network''; httpPrincipia Cybernetica Web; October 3, 1997)

Major Work In Progress

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