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2011-03-18 09:36:01 #virus from 2011-03-18 09:36:00 (showing messages 1-55) Bookmark the permanent url.

MoEnzyme (~every1hz@[death to spam].99-10-220-20.lightspeed.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net) has joined #virus

09:38:28SatMorning Mo
09:38:43MoEnzymeMorning, Sat.
09:40:25MoEnzymeHeh, Gadhafi announces a "cease fire" immediately after the UN authorized military action against him.
09:40:41Sat* Sat chuckles
09:40:59MoEnzyme* MoEnzyme predicts a divided Libya.
09:41:16Sat* Sat predicts a new puppet
09:41:24MoEnzymelike Vietnam and Korea before.
09:41:42SatThere's too much oil a stake
09:42:00SatHe'll be tried for crimes against humanity, etc.
09:42:07CruelOctopusYeah, the nastiness is far from over.
09:42:17SatLike Saddam
09:42:38CruelOctopusHe's going to be hard to dislodge without an actual invasion, which is a way bigger commitment than a no-fly zone.
09:42:46Sat* Sat nods
09:42:49MoEnzymeI think Gadhafi isplanning on his own "oil for food" plan to prop up what remains of his dictatorship.
09:43:04CruelOctopusYeah, maybe so.
09:43:17SatWell at least the Obama admin didn't go all unilateral.
09:43:25CruelOctopusA divided country might be quite likely.
09:43:33MoEnzymeyeah I don't think anyone has the stomach for a ground war. But the resolution if enforced can probably stop his latest offensive.
09:43:51SatWel could bomb his ass right into the stone age.
09:44:02Satand foster further revolution against him.
09:44:13MoEnzymeyeah, Obama played it right. He could be seen taking a leadership role, or it wouldn't have happened at all.
09:44:17CruelOctopusMaybe. I'm not sure how much he was relying on ground power... the no-fly zone won't affect that.
09:44:20SatNo fly zones require extensive bombing compaigns
09:44:33Satthey take out all the military infrastructure they can.
09:44:56CruelOctopusAh, good point. They have to toast the anti-aircraft capabilities.
09:45:16MoEnzymeA lot of this will depend on Egypt in the long run, and at the moment they are trying to deal with their internal issues with a new government.
09:45:28Satwhich means all communications infrastructure they can get as well
09:46:04SatOne can imagine extending the o fly to no tank as well
09:46:18SatWe totally have the tech to take out tanks from a safe distance
09:46:42MoEnzymeWell, they resolution is pretty broad, more than just a no fly zone, but "all necessary measures" to protect civilian population.
09:46:53CruelOctopusThat sounds promising.
09:46:56MoEnzymeEverything short of authorizing ground troops.
09:47:10Satwhich could likely mean pummeling his miltary from the air.
09:47:18MoEnzyme* MoEnzyme nods
09:47:24Satand letting the locals take control
09:47:43CruelOctopuswe can hope.
09:47:47SatIf I was Gahdafi I'd me finding a bunker 2 miles below the sand
09:48:04Sator looking to disappear somehow
09:48:19MoEnzymeWell, he obviously still has a lot of people loyal to him, which is why I think it will end up being a divided nation.
09:48:19Satthey'll target him if he doesn't give up.
09:48:25CruelOctopusYeah, I think a discreet exit might be his best option.
09:48:54CruelOctopusSome of that loyalty may dissipate now.
09:49:15SatThese dictators forget that the only reason they have power is because it is our interest.
09:49:24SatWe change our minds and they're fucked.
09:49:31SatNo one has the tech we do.
09:49:53MoEnzymeOnce Egypt sorts out their domestic issues, I predict they will act as protector/advocate for the eastern Lybia along with Nato forces with the blessings of the Arab League.
09:50:16SatAll the military toys we toss them are like musket rifles compares to ak-47s
09:50:45Satalrighty. time for a meeting. bbiab
09:56:09MoEnzymechatlog re:Libya posted to BBS ---> http://www.churchofvirus.org/bbs/index.php?board=69;action=display;threadid=43683;start=0;boardseen=1
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