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News: Do you want to know where you stand?

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2011-03-09 11:16:39 #virus from 2011-03-09 11:15:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:16:39MoEnzymeSo I think that pretty much covers the more interesting updates on the BBS today.
11:16:53Satthanks Mo.
11:16:59Satback to you googlebot
11:17:03googlebotlucky charms!
11:18:07MoEnzyme* MoEnzyme wonders what's up with that meteorite with the alleged ET bacteria . . .
11:20:11MoEnzyme* MoEnzyme googles news about that.
11:21:45MoEnzymeAlien Life In Meteorites Worth Getting Excited About - Meteroite Disproven But Discussion Continues --> http://www.ecanadanow.com/science/2011/03/08/alien-life-in-meteorites-worth-getting-excited-about/
11:22:24MoEnzymeLast week, scientist Richard Hoover made the proclamation that he had discovered an alien bacteria within a meteorite, but is it something that we should immediately be excited about? Realistically, the answer is no. Hoover had been so strong in his convictions, that he has opened his findings to the scientific community to debunk.
11:22:43MoEnzymeWithin hours of the information being put online researches flocked to pour through his claims and the response has not been positive. The first major concern is that meteor itself has been on this planet for over a century, so how can Hoover be assured that the fossilized bacteria found within the meteor is foreign?
11:23:00Satwell any scientist should look to has results verified or disproven
11:23:04Satwhat idiots!
11:26:03MoEnzymeyeah. Well at least it's still in google news search. I'm guessing that unless something which seriously distinguishes it from the 1996 claim surfaces in the next couple of weeks, it's going into the news dustbin.
11:26:16Sat* Sat nods
11:27:44MoEnzymeActually the 1996 claim was more credible because the meteorite was found in Antarctica where most of your typical lifeforms take more time to infect new material.
11:29:01MoEnzymeI'm not hearing anything like that to make this new claim even remotely plausible, so I'm predicting that's the last time I'm going to google search this one.
11:29:49MoEnzymeOf course the 1996 claim was ultimately proven inconclusive months later, so I'm thinking this particular story is already over.
11:30:12MoEnzymenot even as interesting as 1996.
11:30:39MoEnzymeI may post that article to the BBS thread just for closure purposes.
11:32:01MoEnzymeActually I think I just post this excerpt from the #virus logs. That will be faster. So do you have any last thoughts on this Sat?
11:32:33Satpost away man!
11:32:47MoEnzymeWhat do you think about that, googlebot?
11:32:58Satwe have a quorum
11:33:38MoEnzyme* MoEnzyme goes to the logs to begin his extraction/paste procedure.
11:37:17MoEnzymeDone! --> http://www.churchofvirus.org/bbs/index.php?board=5&action=display&threadid=43692&start=0
11:38:22Satpost o rama
11:39:34MoEnzymerama rama post post!
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