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2011-02-18 12:05:37 #virus from 2011-02-18 12:05:00 (showing messages 1-48) Bookmark the permanent url.
12:05:37MoEnzymehmmmm, looks like protests are multiplying in the mideast. Yemen --> http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/world/2011-02/19/c_13739101.htm and Libya --> http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-02-18/libyans-demonstrate-against-qaddafi-for-third-day-as-tensions-deaths-rise.html and Bahrain--> http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/02/18/us-bahrain-usa-idUSTRE71H5L420110218
12:07:06Satya that whole place is frikkin going krump crazy.
12:07:18SatI wonder how far it'll spread?
12:07:54Satprotests could start breaking out all over, especially it the food situation worsens.
12:08:05MoEnzymeThe Yemen protests have not been so non-violent as the Egyptian ones were :(
12:08:27MoEnzymeThey were setting buildings on fire there.
12:08:50Satwell to each protestor thier own.
12:08:58SatMaybe they are more pissed in Yemen.
12:09:07MoEnzymeAlso in Libya.
12:09:13Satdoes that rhyme with semen?
12:09:28SatPretty much in all the arab gulf states, actually
12:09:46SatI saw a map and was like whoa. all of em!
12:09:58Satnext greece?
12:10:08MoEnzymeWell Libya is northwest Africa, but they are still Arab.
12:10:17MoEnzymeTurkey has a real democracy already.
12:10:35SatGreece has had a lot of riots due to austerity, et all.
12:10:58MoEnzymetrue, but they aren't wanting a revolution, they're just pissed at their current politicians.
12:11:36MoEnzymeI think these Arab crowds are wanting a revolution on the other hand.
12:11:42SatThat could change. As more govermnents fall more people will feel empowered
12:11:58Satya revolution is in the air
12:12:05Satnon here, yet.
12:12:23SatBut if times did actually get tough... frikkin riotville.
12:12:43Satimagine all the cities as people ran amok.
12:12:58MoEnzymeI'm still somewhat optimistic for Egypt at least. They really help pretty closely to the non-violence, so perhaps at least the populace has the discipline to follow through and insist on real democracy.
12:13:27MoEnzymeThey really held pretty closely to the non-violence --- typo
12:13:27Satperhaps. You can bet the military there is getting the full treatment from our people.
12:13:49SatBeing instructed in what thier best path is so to speak.
12:14:38SatI think our government's big fears revolve around loosing control of Egypt
12:14:48MoEnzymeyeah, the uncertain part of the equation in Eqypt is the military. But non-violence is more effective against native military targets than violence/terrorism
12:14:58Satand destabilization of the relion which results in oil shortages
12:15:04Satand FUCKS our economy...
12:15:10Satresulting in roits here.
12:15:54SatThe American public, knows we've been sodomized by those in power, but we're well fed and content.
12:16:07MoEnzymeWell, we are going to lose control in Egypt no matter what happens, so given that, some sort of democracy would be better than military rule, or an Islamic caliphate.
12:16:29SatDomocracy could result in an Islamic dealy bob as well.
12:16:35Sat* Sat shrugs
12:17:20Satwell it's time for me to head out for a lunch with 13 and walking the dogs afterward.
12:17:24MoEnzymeright, well, then it wouldn't be a democracy anymore. Real democracy is incompatible with theocracy.
12:17:36MoEnzymeokay, good chatting. ttyl.
12:17:39SatKeep an eye on the world for me Mo and let me know if anything else happens.
12:17:42Sat* Sat grins
12:17:46MoEnzymeI will :)

Sat (~Sat@[death to spam].65-117-211-50.zirkelwireless.com) has quit IRC [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]

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