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2007-04-01 11:00:02 #virus from 2007-04-01 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:02SLacker[salon] Sat Batra: eh?
11:00:11SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow scortles
11:00:24SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: /ao off
11:01:00SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: alrighty
11:01:05SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: Thanks for coming, froods
11:01:21SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: :)
11:01:24SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: Today's topic is a cheerful one: "root causes of world misery"
11:01:34SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow smiles
11:02:08SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: re lig i on
11:02:12SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: My impetus here is what would one focus on first if they wanted to improve
11:02:12SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: happiness overall
11:02:14SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: Hooo!
11:02:19SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: hehe
11:02:59SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: If that was a serious suggestion B, what is it about religion that causes
11:02:59SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: misery?
11:03:12SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: and do you include the Church of Virus?
11:03:31SLacker[salon] Sat Batra: the CoV is teh bane of my existance.
11:03:33SLacker[salon] Sat Batra weeps
11:03:40SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow nods
11:03:46SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: poor Sat
11:03:51SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: so much misery
11:04:59SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: religion = the law/rules through which one puts themselves through just o
11:04:59SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: proclaim their faith in god or what have you
11:05:28SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: are most religions designed to provide comfort and joy, often at the expense of
11:05:28SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: the truth?
11:05:46SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: yes
11:05:46SLacker[salon] Sat Batra: my asnwer is still lack of intelligence (both in object and in subject)
11:05:50SLacker[salon] Brunswick Warburton: the problem is
11:05:54SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: Did humans invent the afterlife because death is too painful?
11:06:22SLacker[salon] Lucifer Darrow: (I'm taking it as a given that there is not an afterlife)
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