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2007-03-25 11:02:03 #virus from 2007-03-25 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:02:11WW* WW noted that within just 10 minutes of signing on to SecondLife and doing nothing but sitting on the couch in the salon, that raised the iMac's CPU temp 10 degrees Celsius (35 to 45) and the GPU Diode temp 15 degrees Celsius (50 to 65). That's right at 30% on both temps. Frame rate running around 26 fps.
11:02:58WWjust FYI
11:03:37WWso SL has a considerable carbon footprint

Sat (~Sat@[death to spam]. has quit IRC [Quit: Leaving]

11:03:58LuciferI don't see you in SL
11:04:10WWthat was a few days ago
11:04:23WWI'm being "green" today ;)
11:04:27LuciferWhy has teh Sat forsaken us?
11:04:52WWprolly tech probs
11:05:03Luciferirvken says he left SL because of an article he read about the carbon footprint of avatars
11:05:12WWhe usually doesn't leave like that if he can help it
11:05:41WWWell, my little experiment proves it to be true
11:05:50Luciferbut there are several problems with irvken's reasoning
11:06:01WWwhat's that
11:06:34LuciferFirst, the article made an error in the calculation
11:07:02Luciferso the avatars use 4X less energy than it said
11:07:06Luciferon the server side
11:07:23LuciferSecond, if you don't log into SL you don't save any energy
11:07:47LuciferThirdly, almost the whole carbon footprint is on the client side
11:08:04LuciferSo if irvken wants to save energy he should turn off his computer, not avoid SL
11:09:43WWthat would help, but logging in to SL does cause a net increase in energy consumption even versus not logging and leaving your pc on.
11:10:32LuciferOK, 30% if you were logged into SL 24/7
11:10:53Luciferbut more likely less than 2%
11:11:09WWright. and since I never turn my pc's off, then me bad ;)
11:12:55WWI'm convinced the off-on cycling of pc's reduces their life substantially.. They like to be left on.....it's true for any solid-state device
11:14:00WWeven hard-drives and power supplies that have moving parts last longer if left on I believe
11:14:08WWthere's that damn word again ;)
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