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2007-02-11 11:00:17 #virus from 2007-02-11 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:17LuciferOK, time to start
11:00:30LuciferThis week's topic is "the utility of fantasy"
11:00:49SLacker[gallery] Lucifer Darrow nods
11:01:23LuciferNo doubt we all engage in fantasy from time to time
11:01:35LuciferReading novels, watching movies, playing games
11:02:04LuciferBut at what point does it become detrimental?
11:02:28goombathe point you sign up for world of warcraft
11:02:48SLacker[gallery] IRC: Lucifer: test
11:03:10goombaone person was complaining about his brother not going to highschool for 12 days while playing wow like 18 hours a day :P
11:03:25goombai hope that was an exaggeration
11:04:00LuciferI'm sure that happens sometimes
11:04:27LuciferSome people play it every waking hour
11:05:01LuciferThat kind of behaviour is widely criticized
11:05:21LuciferBut the question is who are we to judge how they spend their time?
11:05:44LuciferNo matter what we do, someone out there will judge it to be a waste of time
11:06:29goombaas long as they can support themselves i suppose they can do whatever they want
11:06:52Lucifer* Lucifer nods
11:07:00LuciferSo it is really up to the people that support them
11:07:11goombaif its actually hurting them in the long run though people might want to help out, like they do with drug abuse and the like
11:07:22LuciferObviously (I think) they aren't harming anyone except possibly themselves
11:07:28goombaim talking crack smoking punching cops on the street drug abuse!
11:07:47Luciferfirst hand experience, goomba? ;-)
11:08:00Luciferhow many cops have you punched?
11:08:04Lucifer* Lucifer scortles
11:08:09goombahe was asking for it
11:08:13Luciferno doubt
11:09:03goombawell if they dont realise they are hurting themselves, like i said some people might want to intervene
11:09:08LuciferOK, we agree that some people become addicted to fantasy
11:09:37goombaas for the actual utility of it, i hope someone else steps in and has ideas on that :P
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