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2006-12-24 13:04:29 #virus from 2006-12-24 13:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

Lucifer has changed the topic on #virus to "Charity"

13:05:15LuciferSince it is Newtonmas eve I'd like to discuss charity
13:05:39LuciferIs charity rational? Is it good/desirable?
13:06:15LuciferWhen does charity become an obligation?
13:06:54LuciferThis topic is partially motivated by an article I read recently by Peter Singer
13:06:58Luciferwikip: Peter Singer
13:06:59googlebotlooking up Peter Singer
13:07:19LuciferWe've discussed Singer before in the context of animal rights and vegetarianism
13:08:11LuciferI generally don't agree with Singer but his arguments tend to be thoughtful and rational
13:08:35LuciferI confess sometimes I fear he is right and I'm wrong
13:09:02LuciferI'll see if I can track down that article...
13:09:57Luciferwell that was easy, thanks to teh almighty googlebot
13:10:00googlebotI doubt it
13:10:39Luciferquite a long article
13:10:47Luciferbut there is a good thought experiment ...
13:12:06Luciferhere's an interesting factoid from the article>> "Put them together with Andrew Carnegie, famous for his freethinking, and three of the four greatest American philanthropists have been atheists or agnostics."
13:12:36LuciferGates, Buffet, Carnegie are humanists, the other one is Rockefeller
13:14:05LuciferHmm, that thought experiment must have been in another one of Singer's articles
13:14:11LuciferI'll try to recount from memory
13:14:33LuciferThere's a guy that invests all his savings in a car he has wanted all his life
13:14:52LuciferIt is his pride and joy, and also his retirement savings
13:15:20LuciferOne day he is parked near a railway
13:15:48LuciferA train is coming and he sees a child on the tracks
13:16:05LuciferThere is no way he can get to the child fast enough to save it
13:16:21LuciferBut he can throw a switch and divert the train
13:16:41LuciferBut diverting the train onto the other track will destroy his car (poor choice of parking location)
13:16:56LuciferWhat should the man do?
13:17:19goombaseems easy, divert the train
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