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2006-11-12 11:00:35 #virus from 2006-11-12 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:35WWIs the quorum here or at the castle?
11:00:42SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: Welcome all
11:01:21SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: Today's topic is atheism vs. agnosticism
11:01:31SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: It was motivated by a discussion on KMO's blog
11:01:47SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: which was in turn motivated by the new Wired cover story on The New Atheists
11:02:16WWwhich was in turn motivated by the big bang
11:02:24SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow nods
11:02:54SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: Apparently the new atheists are causing a backlash in the moderate community
11:03:23WWrumble, rumble , harumph, harumph
11:03:29SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: Dawkins, Dennett and Sam Harris are being raked over the coals for being too polarizing
11:03:52SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: KMO claims Dawkins is actually pushing religious people away from science
11:04:00SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: by claiming that religion and science are incompatible
11:04:10WWas in not being accepting of other possible realms of existence or something like that?
11:04:18WWoh. ok.
11:04:40SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: The moderates claim they are compatible
11:04:42goombado religious people even pay attention to dawkins?
11:04:55SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: even most scientists claim religion is compatible
11:05:13SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: apparently some do goomba
11:05:20WWthat's really stretching the term compatible
11:06:00WWnot mutually exlusive maybe?
11:06:10SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: Perhaps they are following Gould's notion of NOMA, non-overlapping magesteria
11:06:44SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: The realm of science is the material, religion covers the transcendental
11:06:52SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: Which would be nice if it was true
11:07:02SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: But of course it is not, religions make factual claims
11:07:25SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: Gould is trying to sweep the elephant under the rug hoping no one would notice
11:08:09WWSanta Claus is NOMA then
11:08:31SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: I'm looking for ideas for arguments I can use in KMO's blog and maybe podcast
11:08:40SecondLife[tower] Lucifer Darrow: to represent the new atheist perspective
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