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2006-10-22 11:00:25 #virus from 2006-10-22 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:25Lucifertime to start
11:00:46LuciferToday's topic is the relation between intelligence and morality
11:01:10Lucifercausal and correlation relationships
11:01:40LuciferDoes increased intelligence imply more or less morality?
11:01:45Luciferor are they independent?
11:02:12LuciferIf there is a correlation is it necessary or statistical?
11:02:28LuciferI'm going to jump into SL now to see if there is anyone around to invite
11:04:41SLackerLucifer Darrow has arrived
11:05:15SLackerLucifer Darrow: rezzing...
11:06:56LuciferOne thing that complicates matters is assessing intelligent and moral behaviour
11:07:32LuciferThere is no ultimate authority on which to base judgments
11:08:02LuciferI'm hoping there is enough consensus that we can gloss over it
11:08:49LuciferOur examples should stick to one that are clearly intelligent or stupid, good or evil
11:09:05LuciferIt should be possible to avoid the grey areas for now at least
11:09:39LuciferThe motivation for this topic arose in a previous discussion about post-singularity AI
11:10:15LuciferThere is a fear that it is possible for this AI to be extremely intelligent (by our standards) and extremely evil (by our standards)
11:10:47LuciferThis fear is driving much of what the singularity institute is working on
11:10:51Lucifergoogle: singinst.org
11:10:52googlebotgoogling for singinst.org
11:11:06VincentJe répond présent
11:11:11Vincent* Vincent waves at the audience
11:11:14LuciferHey Vincent
11:11:41LuciferThe singinst is working on a design for a "friendly AI" rather than any sort of actual software development afaik
11:12:21LuciferSo one way to put this topic in context is to ask if the singinst is doing the rational thing here?
11:12:51LuciferOr are they wasting resources worrying about an impossible (or extremely unlikely) future?
11:13:50LuciferI think they might be
11:13:54VincentBesides this possibility of unlikeliness of such possibilities, you have to ponder it with the extreme negative consequences if they are to happen.
11:14:09VincentKind of like calculating the expected utility
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