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2006-10-15 11:00:14 #virus from 2006-10-15 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:14Lucifernot getting text from SL
11:00:34WW* WW gives ChanServ the finger
11:01:43WW* WW imagines all the perdy piksures in SL
11:02:37WWthere's debate on whether SL works that well on the Intel Macs and I've just been too apethetic to DL the mac client
11:02:52LuciferWe can start while I debug this
11:03:38WW* WW grabs his crotch and shouts "Debug thi........".....oops. Sorry.
11:03:48SatWelcome to the Future! Today's chat is brought to you by the tendancy to rampantly speculate.
11:04:03irvkenirvken smiles warmly at his new 17" TFT
11:04:25irvkenat last I've joined the 21st century
11:04:35SatThe Topic for today is: Possible Futures!
11:04:36WWa happy irvken is a, well, happy irvken
11:04:43SatWhat does the future hold for us?
11:04:52Sat* Sat waits a second
11:04:55Lucifer* Lucifer chortles
11:05:01WW* WW flounces
11:05:27SatDoom! Good good!
11:05:28WWLucifer Is this true? " Lasting peace can not be achieved unless large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty."
11:05:32SatAny other opinions?
11:06:04LuciferWhat time frame?
11:06:10Sat* Sat detects a rather dynamic pessimissm here.
11:06:11irvkenI can't imagine the opposite is true
11:06:20SatLets say the next 50 years
11:06:24irvkenwar within 3 weeks

SLacker (root@[death to spam].irc.lucifer.com) has quit IRC [Quit: Bye, cruel world!]

11:06:50WWthe Nobel committee said it irvken. Not me.
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