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2006-09-17 11:00:35 #virus from 2006-09-17 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:35SLackerLucifer Darrow: OK, time to start
11:00:36SLackerSat Batra: wow I have 5 avatars now
11:00:49SLackerGiulio Perhaps has arrived
11:00:57SLackerLucifer Darrow welcomes Giulio
11:01:05SLackerSat Batra welcomes giulio
11:01:31SLackerLucifer Darrow: Thanks to Giulio for today's topic: "Marketing transhumansism"
11:02:46SLackerGiulio Perhaps: where are you people?
11:02:55SLackerLucifer Darrow: We're by the couches
11:03:05SLackerSat Batra: I'm on the couch
11:03:12SLackerLucifer Darrow: Manoj is sitting by Sat
11:03:16SLackerGiulio Perhaps: ah right
11:03:20SLackerLucifer Darrow: I'm floating next to a chair
11:03:21SLackerGiulio Perhaps: you are a worm
11:03:25SLackerGiulio Perhaps: where is D?
11:03:37SLackerSat Batra: thats a transworm to you buddy
11:04:17SLackerManoj Undercity welcomes Giulio
11:04:18SLackerGiulio Perhaps: ah D is wearing robot av
11:04:23SLackerLucifer Darrow nods
11:04:39SLackerLucifer Darrow: I've uploaded into this droid
11:04:59SLackerManoj Undercity: hehe
11:05:17SLackerLucifer Darrow: So my main question is can we make >H appeal to the masses without compromising the message?
11:05:18SLackerGiulio Perhaps: did u guys sign up to the SL WTA chapter?
11:05:21SLackerManoj Undercity: why dont we invite the transhuman chapter to this discussion ?
11:05:27SLackerManoj Undercity: i have signed up
11:05:36SLackerGiulio Perhaps: none online
11:05:37SLackerSat Batra has
11:05:47SLackerGiulio Perhaps: besides those here
11:05:49SLackerManoj Undercity grumbles
11:06:07SLackerGiulio Perhaps: my answer: strictly speaking, no
11:06:15SLackerLucifer Darrow: there are 3 online besides the 3 here
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