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2006-09-10 11:00:06 #virus from 2006-09-10 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:06SLackerPamar Bjornson: told you I was naked
11:00:10SLackerShy Mathys: what was sat hacking?
11:00:11giulioatetnding on IRC wife has PC
11:00:20SLackerKhannea Suntzu: I see
11:00:22SLackerKhannea Suntzu: Skinless
11:00:31SLackerPamar Bjornson: hello lucifer
11:00:32SLackerManoj Undercity has arrived
11:00:45SLackerPamar Bjornson: hi manoj
11:00:49SLackerManoj Undercity: Namaste Lucifer
11:00:50Satwelcom Giulio
11:00:56SLackerManoj Undercity: hello pamar
11:00:57SLackerLucifer Darrow: Let's begin
11:00:58Sathello everyone else
11:01:07SLackerManoj Undercity: oh im just in time
11:01:09SLackerLucifer Darrow: Today's topic is issues in genetic engineering
11:01:14SLackerManoj Undercity: hello sat
11:01:27SLackerManoj Undercity: wee..something im familiar with
11:01:32SLackerLucifer Darrow: First I'd like to suggest a simple taxonomy
11:01:33giuliohow many in SL?
11:01:38SLackerKhannea Suntzu: Ahhh cool
11:01:51SLackerLucifer Darrow: There are 2 kinds: somatic and germline
11:02:21SLackerLucifer Darrow: Somatic GE is applied to a grown organism, genes are introduced to specific cells through a vector like a virus
11:02:32Sat* Sat cheers
11:03:02SLackerLucifer Darrow: Germline engineering is applied to a undeveloped (single celled) organism, and the new genes end up in every cell
11:03:08SLackerKhannea Suntzu: Somatic actually works on the entire organism without like *death* as a side effect?
11:03:41SLackerLucifer Darrow: Germline engineering also applies to all the organisms descendents (as opposed to somatic)
11:04:03SLackerLucifer Darrow: On another dimension we have therapeutic vs. enhancment GE
11:04:26SLackerLucifer Darrow: Where therapeutic corrects some condition, a genetic disease for instance
11:04:28giuliothis distinction is very blurred
11:04:35SLackerLucifer Darrow nods
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