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2006-09-03 11:01:23 #virus from 2006-09-03 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:01:23SLackerLucifer Darrow: OK, let's begin

WW (~wlwatts@[death to spam].ip68-13-248-35.ok.ok.cox.net) has joined #virus

11:01:46SLackerLucifer Darrow: This week's topic is "The necessity of suffering"
11:01:49SLackerLucifer Darrow welcomes WW
11:02:11SLackerLucifer Darrow: Thanks to White_Fox for the suggestion
11:02:51SLackerLucifer Darrow: The more I think about it, the more complex it seems
11:03:54SLackerLucifer Darrow: First, suffering presupposes an agent that is not only conscious but has preferences (values)
11:04:14SLackerLucifer Darrow: Maybe all conscious agents have values
11:05:03SLackerLucifer Darrow: Let's define suffering as a conscious state that the agent would prefer to avoid
11:05:08SLackerLucifer Darrow: It has main forms
11:05:16SLackerLucifer Darrow: Pain is the most obvious
11:05:42SLackerLucifer Darrow: But there is also hunger and thirst, boredom, angst, sadness, etc. etc
11:05:51SLackerLucifer Darrow: Can you think of other forms?
11:06:27WWI'm trying to wake up ;)
11:06:34SLackerLucifer Darrow: heh
11:06:36SLackerManoj Undercity has arrived
11:06:41SLackerLucifer Darrow welcomes Manoj
11:06:51SLackerManoj Undercity: Hello Lucifer.. nice to meet you again !
11:07:04SLackerLucifer Darrow: Manoj, this week's chat topic is "the necessity of suffering"
11:07:19SLackerManoj Undercity: ah.. borderline buddhism
11:07:42SLackerLucifer Darrow: actually I'm not assuming suffering is necessary
11:07:49SLackerLucifer Darrow: That is part of the debate
11:08:11SLackerManoj Undercity: oh i am f the view that some idea of suffering is required to appreciate pleasure
11:08:14SLackerManoj Undercity: life
11:08:16SLackerManoj Undercity: etc
11:08:28SLackerLucifer Darrow: I confess I chose the topic wording to be somewhat provocative
11:08:41SLackerManoj Undercity: hehe..the devil confesses !
11:08:51SLackerLucifer Darrow: Anyway, have a seat, make yourself comfortable :)
11:09:04SLackerLucifer Darrow offers everyone tea and crumpets
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