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2006-08-20 11:00:01 #virus from 2006-08-20 11:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
11:00:01SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: awsome
11:00:02SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: hehhe
11:00:12WWhave there been any SL updates in the last few days?
11:00:20SLackerSat Batra: nope WW
11:00:21SLackerLucifer Darrow: We're recruiting new smokers now
11:00:28SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: who tha hell is ww?
11:00:32SLackerLucifer Darrow: OK, time to start?
11:00:35SLackerLucifer Darrow: I've got 10am
11:00:42SLackerSat Batra: guess so
11:00:51SLackerSat Batra: I thought people were going to show up
11:00:56SLackerLucifer Darrow: The topic this week is "The ethics of human augmentation"
11:01:25SLackerLucifer Darrow: This was inspired by a panel discussion at the recent Transvision 06
11:01:34SLackerLucifer Darrow: Specificially something Dr J mentioned
11:01:59SLackerLucifer Darrow: He compared imminent tech enhancements to weapons
11:02:31SLackerLucifer Darrow: He noted that we already place restrictions on what weapons people can have because "we all agree that some people shouldn't have too much power over others"
11:02:44SLackerSat Batra: specially bigsin there
11:02:46WWSeems to me society has already embraced human augmentation and put their collective stamp of ethical approval on it....ie. Viagra
11:02:50SLackerLucifer Darrow: Is the analogy valid?
11:03:00SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: heh
11:03:08SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: so wait one sec
11:03:10SLackerLucifer Darrow: If so, for which kinds of augmentation?
11:03:31SLackerSat Batra: huh
11:03:34SLackerLucifer Darrow: Obviously we allow corrective tech like eyeglasses and hearing aids
11:03:37WWwell, hard-ons are ok to augment it would seem
11:03:38SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: human augmentation?like plastic surgery and such?
11:03:44SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: ohhhhh
11:03:46SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: i c
11:03:52SLackerBiGSiN Wormser: cyborgs
11:03:58SLackerSat Batra: well the outlaw in me says making things illegal only makes them accessable to governments and outlaws.
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