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2005-04-12 19:00:15 #virus from 2005-04-12 19:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

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Lucifer has changed the topic on #virus to "The value of a promise"

19:02:29LuciferWelcome to the weekly chat
19:02:37Lucifertoday's topic is a moral dilemma
19:02:52LuciferA friend confides to you that he has committed a particular crime and you promise never to tell.
19:03:07LuciferDiscovering that an innocent person has been accused of the crime, you plead with your friend to give himself up.
19:03:16LuciferHe refuses and reminds you of your promise. What should you do? In general, under what conditions should promises be broken?
19:04:47rhinoA dilemma... what virtues have we put against each other here?
19:05:16Luciferall of them: reason, empathy and vision ;)
19:06:06LuciferFor empathy, put yourself in your friend's place. Then the accused.
19:06:31rhinothe specific conflict seems to be loyalty to friendship and credibility vs fairness?
19:06:40Th3Hegem0nam i allowed to talk?
19:06:47LuciferTh3Hegem0n, sure
19:06:50Th3Hegem0nlol k
19:06:57Luciferas long as you stay on topic
19:07:03rhinothet's why Eli sent you here after all
19:07:08Th3Hegem0nwe are assuming we care about the innocent person?
19:07:28LuciferNo, we don't necessarily know the innocent person
19:07:31LuciferDoes it matter?
19:07:41Th3Hegem0nI would say yes, but you probably wouldn't like that.
19:08:01LuciferYou're worried about what we would like to hear?
19:08:15Th3Hegem0nNot really, i'm just making a prediction.
19:08:42LuciferIf the accused is your child I don't think there is much of a dilemma left
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