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2005-03-08 19:00:17 #virus from 2005-03-08 19:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
19:00:17rhinoyou read the book too!
19:00:26hkhensonI think i have to reboot brb
19:00:27Luciferhey, time to start the official chat now
19:00:32localrogerYes, I find Keel very impressive. OK chat time.

hkhenson (~hkhenson@[death to spam]. has quit IRC [Quit: Leaving]

19:00:42LuciferWelcome all to the first weekly chat in a long time
19:00:55localroger*cough* weekly?
19:01:00Luciferit was weekly
19:01:06Luciferin the days of old
19:01:25Luciferok, first "scheduled" chat in a long time (many moons)
19:01:34LuciferA decade of Virus

Rotaerk (~Rotaerk@[death to spam]. has joined #virus

19:01:50goombawoo chat
19:01:51Luciferyes, hard to believe but the CoV has been around for 10 years on the net
19:02:03localroger* localroger blows on his kazoo and throws confetti in the air
19:02:27Luciferlucifer.com was among the first 100,000 servers on the web iirc back in 95
19:03:26LuciferSo I'd like to take the oppurtunity of this occasion to chat about the past and think about the future

hkhenson (~hkhenson@[death to spam].CPE002078ca5697-CM000a739adcec.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #virus

19:04:18LuciferI think we're doing pretty well by just surviving 10 years
19:04:55localrogerI have to wonder how many of those first 100K servers are still online that were lucifer.com's size at the outset.
19:05:01LuciferI haven't seen any stats but I suspect most organizations of this type don't last that long
19:06:06Luciferhard to say, localroger, but I'd guess a small fraction
19:06:12hkhensonhard to even figure out what type it is
19:06:34Luciferwell I was thinking "cult" by some generous definitions
19:06:50Luciferor "new religious movement" as they like to say in academia
19:06:54hkhensondoesn't rate on the bonewitz scale
19:07:02localrogerPart of COV's appeal is that it has avoided being pigeonholed.
19:07:09Lucifer* Lucifer nods
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