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2004-12-07 19:00:26 #virus from 2004-12-07 19:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
19:00:26localrogerSite not found, still.
19:00:30WWyour DNS server is hosed then
19:01:05localrogerI wouldn't be surprised, but major sites have been coming through regularly.
19:01:17localrogerDo you have the site's IP?
19:01:22WWsolly, Cocks Cable ruLz!!!!!
19:01:30WWno but I can get it, hang on
19:01:32rhinoit worked for me
19:01:41Lucifer* Lucifer welcomes all to tonights special chat on the topic of Addiction
19:01:53Luciferdo we have any experts in the crowd
19:02:01localroger* localroger coughs
19:02:05Luciferanyone with first hand experience with addiction?
19:02:09Luciferor 2nd hand?
19:02:15WWcan I pass on hunting for that IP local? ;)
19:02:22localrogerSure, WW.
19:02:49rhinoi /dns 'ed it
19:02:58LuciferThe concept of addiction has been much abused lately
19:03:01localrogerLucifer, in my Casino Odyssey stories I related what happened when we started to hang around with the high rollers, and how things got unpleasant quick.
19:03:03WWdamn rhino's fast!!!!
19:03:09Luciferpart of the recent trend of medicalizing everything we don't like
19:03:09WWI do Lucifer
19:03:19Luciferare pretty really addicted to tv or the internet?
19:03:30Luciferare ppl^ really
19:03:42Lucifer* Lucifer has another beer ;)
19:04:07WW* WW works on his 3rd cocktail
19:04:20LuciferOr, more specifically, is everyone that claims to be addicted to the internet really addicted?
19:04:32LuciferHow could you tell?
19:04:49localrogerLucifer, addiction is overtraining of our learning systems. Feedback pathways that worked well in nature don't work well in the presence of things like pure sugar, alcohol, drugs that directly manipulate feedback pathways, and other intense stimulations.
19:05:23Luciferhkhenson has an interesting essay about addiction, drugs and cults
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