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2004-11-02 20:00:07 #virus from 2004-11-02 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:07rhinocamille was a lesbian, so she was pissed
20:01:04Lucifernice find, rhino
20:01:22WWfellow geeks, I'm gonna go watch the xtians win the election. Remember: "Rome wasn't burnt in a day"
20:02:11Lucifer* Lucifer feels the cynicism coming on
20:02:14Tywick* Tywick wishes he had a 6pk of Berghoff Genuine Dark
20:02:19localrogerBefore you go, WW, will you leave a forwarding address so we can send you your ticket to Canada?
20:02:37TywickI think I'll sip on some Grand Marnier instead
20:02:47localrogerMMMmmm, Grand Marnier
20:02:52WWOh and rhino: Plato was a pink-pantied pussy! ;)
20:02:55rhinoi think WW is like a fish in water in ok
20:03:05rhinotimes can do that :P
20:03:10LuciferKerry is overtly protectionist
20:03:25localrogerI ordered a Grand Marnier for a Republican friend once who expressed curiosity (his drink of choice was scotch straight) and he accused me of trying to poison him.
20:03:42Luciferand Canadians *still* prefer Kerry

WW (~wlwatts@[death to spam].ip68-13-228-248.ok.ok.cox.net) has quit IRC [Quit: "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."]

20:06:05localrogerLucifer, most people who are not completely brainwashed tools would vote for Darth Vader if he was the only alternative to W at this point.
20:06:38localrogerIf the Devil you know is bad enough, the Devil you don't know at least offers the hope of being not quite as bad.
20:06:44LuciferMaybe Canadians just understand that Kerry is a flipflopper
20:07:19localrogerLucifer that was a very amateur level troll. You must be married now or something.
20:07:30Luciferno, that was a joke
20:07:39Luciferbut yes, amateurish
20:08:07localrogerWell my reply was meant in a similarly heavy-handed lightheartedness :-)
20:08:07LuciferI find the shrub talking points like "flipflopper" kinda nauseating
20:08:23Luciferwho comes up with this stuff?
20:08:53Luciferis there a team of meme generators operating behind the scenes?
20:09:06rhinosomeone with background in electronics?
20:09:09localrogerIf they could think of some new ones it would help, but it's kind of like they become earworms.
20:09:28localrogerActually I believe the man you want there is Karl Rove.
20:09:29rhinoyes there are, and they are paid well for that
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