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2004-09-14 18:00:11 #virus from 2004-09-14 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:11localrogerI am going further, with a van stocked with what I could salvage in an afternoon.
18:00:20localrogerTomorrow morning.
18:00:27localrogerIf a miracle doesn't happen.
18:00:56hkhensonI am rooting for Ivan to go east to clearwater
18:01:07Luciferwhy there?
18:01:25localrogerI know Henson, I was thinking the same thing. But not too likely now.
18:01:58hkhensoncharley went south of cw
18:02:23Luciferwelcome everyone to tonight's chat
18:02:33Luciferthe topic this evening is the "Circle of Empathy"
18:02:55Luciferthe question is how far to we extend our circle?
18:03:04Lucifertoo little and we are cruel
18:03:09Lucifertoo far and we are stupid
18:03:22Luciferhow do we decide and how do we defined our choice?

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18:03:40LuciferDoes anyone have objections to the concept?
18:03:46Luciferjust in time WW
18:03:50WWWalter Watts of the Royal Society of Competitive Ululating present....
18:03:51rhinohey ww
18:03:55ChrisRovnerUh, why is it stupid to extend it too far?
18:03:59localrogerIt's beautifully simple
18:04:05WWhey Lucifer, rhino
18:04:20LuciferBecause then you waste resources on things that don't matter, ChrisRovner
18:04:31Lucifernecessarily keeping resources from ones who deserve it
18:05:04rhinoi think the circle fades where we start having difficulties to identify them with ourselves
18:05:04localrogerFor example how I didn't offer to let my neighbor ride and evacuate with me earlier this afternoon.
18:05:49LuciferWould you agree it is stupid to devote your life to the Save the Mosquitos campaign?
18:05:49ChrisRovnerRight, I see
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