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2004-08-31 18:00:13 #virus from 2004-08-31 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:13LuciferWelcome everyone to the weekly chat
18:00:21Fluxit died? but the meme will live on
18:00:21LuciferTonight's topic is When is self-deception rational?
18:00:23WWthank you Lucifer
18:00:47LuciferThis was inspired by a comment by Robin Hanson at the recent TV04 conference
18:01:14LuciferHe suggested that people disagree today because they aren't rational, and they aren't rational because they evolved to be self-deceptive
18:01:20hkhensonI can make a short statement on this subject
18:01:25WWFirst. Is self-deception really possible?
18:01:28Lucifergo ahead hkhenson
18:01:38LuciferWW, are you joking?
18:01:47hkhensonit is never in your interest to be self deceptive.
18:01:54LuciferAlmost everyone thinks they are above average in everything
18:01:57WWJoking, or just stupid I guess.
18:02:13hkhensonit is sometimes in the interest of your genes that you are self-deceptive.
18:02:27localrogerLucifer: which really annoys those of us who really are... [tha-dump]
18:02:37Fluxbut genes = interest
18:02:38Luciferlocalroger :-p
18:02:47hkhensonas an example, you are self deceptive which makes you more convincing when you tell her you love her
18:03:05hkhensonfor one night :-)
18:03:18WW* WW sees others as self-deceptive but not himself. Maybe that's a clue ;)
18:03:24hkhensonthis might get you another descendent at low cost
18:03:42hkhensonwell, low cost before DNA and court ordered payments
18:03:52Luciferheh, good point
18:03:53hkhensonDNA testing
18:04:16rhinoLucifer, is the chat now?
18:04:20rhinoor did the time change?
18:04:27WWCan self-deception be genetically tested for?
18:04:27Luciferstarted 4 minutes ago
18:04:30hkhensonflux, you can have different interest than those of your genes
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