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2004-08-24 18:00:15 #virus from 2004-08-24 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:15hkhensonit has been done with the closely related mouse pox.
18:00:24hkhensonand then they did it with cowpox
18:00:31localrogerWell I probably know enough to build an a-bomb if I had the fissionables and a few months for i-dotting and t-crossing.
18:00:37hkhensonmaking the fricking cowpox close to deadly.
18:00:58LuciferOK, time to start
18:01:14LuciferThe topic this evening is the Proactionary Principle
18:01:19hkhensonfor a few thousand someone with access to pox and a bit of a lab can now do something really awful.
18:01:24Luciferoops, despite what I wrote in the topic :-p
18:01:48Luciferthe Precautionary Principle is of course related and in a sense diametrically opposed
18:02:09LuciferThe motivation for this chat is the ongoing vote: http://virus.lucifer.com/bbs/index.php?board=;action=voteResults;idvote=80
18:02:19LuciferShould the CoV endorse the Proactionary Principle?
18:02:45hkhensonlucifer, I would vote on that mainly as a political point
18:02:57LuciferThe motivation for the vote came from the first Transcolloquium meeting (also ongoing)
18:02:58hkhensonwhat makes CoV look better, responsible etc
18:03:01localrogerI believe it is overstated.
18:03:34hkhensonbecause i don't think that the people who could use it the most are likely to pay any attention at all.
18:03:37Luciferthe CoV is one of about 20 transhumanist organizations that was invited to this online meeting
18:04:13hkhensonghod are there 20 transhumanist organizations?
18:04:14Luciferwe are currently discussing whether to issue a press release saying something to the effect of These N orgs endorse the Proactionary Principle
18:04:51Lucifercheck the list>> http://www.transcolloquium.org/
18:05:00hkhensondavid, are there as many as 1000 members all together?
18:05:01Futura* Futura tickles hkhenson

Mode change [-v Futura] on #virus by Lucifer

18:05:17localrogerI think it would be a mistake until you have at least read something equally eloquent in its defense of the precautionary principle.
18:05:30Luciferlocalroger, sure that is a good point
18:05:32hkhensonthat's ok, i don't mind being tickeled by a droid
18:05:45Luciferplenty of time for tickling after the chat
18:06:29localroger* localroger is looking for a reference
18:06:41LuciferOne angle I would like to take with this is to ask what the CoV would change in the Pro Princ. in order to endorse it
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