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2004-08-17 18:00:08 #virus from 2004-08-17 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

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18:00:08Lucifer* Lucifer sips his coffee martini
18:00:16LuciferOK, let's begin
18:00:21Sathow's that civet coffee?
18:00:25Lucifertonight's topic is climate change
18:00:34Tywickback via Gaim on SuSE 9.1
18:00:34Luciferis the world going to hell?
18:00:40Flux*watches debate without coffee :(*
18:00:51localroger* localroger wonders what we are doing in this handbasket
18:00:51Tywickperhaps IS?
18:01:00Luciferis the Kyoto Protocol our last, best hope at avoiding disaster?
18:01:16Luciferwhat are the real problems and solutions?
18:01:23Luciferwhat are the real costs and benefits?
18:01:32Luciferis there any room for dissent in this debate?
18:01:57Luciferand why was Bjorn Lomborg (the skeptical environmentalist) tarred and feathered?
18:02:03Tywickspeaking of global warming I read a breif article about how businesses seem to be more concerned about global climate than politicians
18:02:10Luciferwho wants to voice an opinion?
18:02:32Luciferoh, there is also a vote ongoing
18:02:35Lucifer* Lucifer fetches the url....
18:02:41localrogerThe whole thing is such a field of unknowables that any position can be sensibly defended.
18:02:57Fluxyes, perhaps that is right :)
18:02:58Futura:-) Awesome. I thought I was right.
18:03:15Fluxheh Futura has an opinon on it
18:03:16FuturaFunny, eh? That question has never crossed my mind before.
18:03:21LuciferI find this vote particularly interesting because the voters are pretty split on this issue, more than any other I think
18:03:22localrogerMy personal feeling is that we are on the brink of a major climatological break, and we probably caused it (but that's not definite) and it's questionable whether we can do anything about it at all.
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