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2004-08-10 18:00:19 #virus from 2004-08-10 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:19Lucifermaybe more insurance when they go shopping?
18:00:30LuciferI've been reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_rights
18:00:49rhinothis wikipedia is handy
18:00:51LuciferLet's begin
18:01:02LuciferOur topic tonight is animal rights
18:01:05rhinoi would have to google Brigitte Bardot without it
18:01:31LuciferShould animals have any rights, and if so, what exactly?
18:01:46LuciferWhat do the virian virtues have to say?
18:01:59LuciferWhat do we think of animal liberation activists?
18:02:15LuciferIs there a consistent philosophy here?
18:02:56LuciferWhat do you think Herr Rhino?
18:03:13rhinowell, starting from a blank slate approach, nobody has any rights at all except if social customs or the law has provided them
18:03:49Luciferno intrisic rights then?
18:04:01rhinoso, the question is what rights has sociaty provided to animals and why?
18:04:20rhinoalso what rights it should provide
18:04:50rhinoi have heard about "cruelty to animals", for example, which is law in many places
18:04:53Luciferwikip: Peter Singer
18:04:53googlebotlooking up Peter Singer
18:05:31Lucifercorrect, most countries have laws against cruelty to animals
18:05:50rhinoa question is why?
18:05:55Luciferso even though none have conferred a right to vote, they feel they have a right to freedom from suffering
18:06:24Luciferis it true that animals suffer?
18:06:28rhinoi think it is a measure against cruelty in general

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18:06:36Luciferis suffering always bad and to be avoided if possible?
18:06:37FuturaMaybe. Ask Mr. Technical if it is.
18:06:44rhinowe can assume that animals do suffer
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