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2004-08-03 18:00:01 #virus from 2004-08-03 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:01Lucifera look under the covers at the dark reality of the education system
18:00:05Lucifer(to paraphrase)
18:00:09localrogerMy immediate feeling after reading TUHoAE was I'VE BEEN ROBBED.
18:00:17Luciferhow so?
18:00:31localrogerI figure of about 5 years of my life.

prometheus (~duane@[death to spam].c-67-172-42-48.client.comcast.net) has joined #virus

18:01:09localrogerEquivalent to a prison sentence for a fairly serious offence like rape. And it even felt like being in prison.
18:01:20Daraknori figure i could have done everything from highschool by age 8 easily. in the society i envision there is a clear roadmap to have masters degree by age 16
18:01:22LuciferI imagine prison would be worse
18:01:40Daraknorthe sex in prison would be less diverse
18:01:57Luciferis the goal of school to get through it as quickly as possible?
18:02:00localrogerDepends on who you are, and what prison. My childhood was extremely unpleasant. Daraknor, I went to a sex-segregated school from 5th grade on, so no advantage there.
18:02:33Luciferwhich sex were you segregated with? ;)
18:03:01DaraknorLucifer: if assimilation of information is necessary to enter society, yes. If you need logical skills, no I'm just claiming we should have the option of early but prestigious escape
18:03:04localrogerI think with little sweat I could have done all HS work by 12, and a BS by 17. That's without hard work. The system made it much harder, because of the boredom.
18:03:32LuciferI accelerated one grade without effort
18:03:41Daraknori was prevented from skipping grades
18:03:47localrogerI skipped 7th; it wasn't enough, and I was only allowed to do that because of a *cough* behavior problem.
18:03:51Luciferif I had a private tutors I could have raced through
18:03:51Daraknorthe system wanted to earn their mone on me
18:04:04goombagee its 8 and i missed most of the chat ;)
18:04:16Luciferno, we just started
18:04:16rhinoi made good use of the schoold time to do other thiongs
18:04:21Daraknora female friend of mine tutored a 4 year old up to pre algebra in 4 months
18:04:22localrogerI had a private tutor. My father is a Ph.D. physicist. By the age of 12 I was taking all his non-calculus college-level tests and regularly doing better than any of his real students.
18:04:44localrogerBut they didn't want me to skip ahead because it would "screw up my development."
18:05:02Luciferright, common knowledge
18:05:12Daraknori would have preferred to be screwed up by my own choices
18:05:39localrogerWell, it did more harm than good. Better screwed up and smart than screwed up and bored out of your mind and dysfunctional.
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