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2004-07-27 18:00:41 #virus from 2004-07-27 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:41LuciferOur topic tonight is The Future of War
18:01:16Luciferwhat predictions can you make about how warfare will change in 10 years, 25 years and beyond?
18:01:24rhinoindirectly related, hkh replied to the memetics list on psychohistory
18:01:59Luciferwill there be more or less war in the 21st centure than the 20th?
18:02:07rhinohmm, a technical prediction should go first i guess
18:02:13Luciferby most accounts the 20th was pretty bad
18:02:36Lucifersure, start with a technical prediction
18:03:09Luciferthe buzzword since the date that shall not be named is "asymmetric warfare"
18:03:27Luciferdoes this represent a fundamental change?
18:04:21Luciferanother buzzword I've seen quite a bit lately is "non-lethal weapons"
18:04:31Luciferthat sounds like a change for the better
18:04:47Luciferassuming weapons are necessary
18:04:59rhinobuzzwords need some pondering
18:05:18rhinowhat is asymmetric warfare?
18:05:33Luciferterrorist vs nation states
18:06:13rhinoah, i doubt this is new. maybe forgotten for a while
18:06:23Luciferthe US (for example) is only set up to go to war against other countries, so that's what it did
18:07:09Luciferso what is your technical prediction?
18:07:39Luciferthe technology of war seems to be advancing at a rapid pace
18:07:47rhinoi am no weapons expert, but i hear about hight tech weapons being more accessible to individuals
18:07:50rhinoand small groups
18:08:01rhinonot confirmed so far
18:08:17rhinoand what are non-lethal weapons?
18:08:30Lucifergoogle: non-lethal weapons
18:08:30googlebotgoogling for non-lethal weapons
18:09:02rhinoi have also heard completely opposed talk, about things like "the neutron bomb"
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