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2004-07-20 18:00:02 #virus from 2004-07-20 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:02localrogerMichael Moore would be proud of you. Actually is, in fact.
18:00:12Sat* Sat nods
18:00:19SatI read that he said it's ok.
18:00:22LuciferOur topic this evening is the controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11
18:00:24SatI would have anyhow.
18:00:35Lucifer(for the record :-)
18:01:06SatI ain't saying shit. no way those bush bastards are gonna get me!
18:01:08rhinovery controversial
18:01:08rhinonot a word about the jews
18:01:10LuciferI expect we'll be talking about the content quite a bit
18:01:26Luciferbut I'd also like to discuss it from a meta-level
18:01:32WWIt's fecund if nothing else.
18:01:44Luciferas a work of propaganda and meme-engineering
18:01:45localroger* localroger can see this is going to be a helluva chat
18:02:07Sat* Sat hands localroger a mitigator.
18:02:26LuciferSo what did you think of the film WW?
18:02:35localrogerMoore is not shy about saying that's exactly what it is. Which itself is interesting, a propagandist leading with his wrist.
18:02:36Sattopic Our topic this evening is the controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11

Sat has changed the topic on #virus to "Our topic this evening is the controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11"

18:02:45LuciferDid anyone else read localroger's fine K5 article?
18:02:57Luciferthx Sat
18:02:58localroger*cough* /me shuffles feet
18:03:06WWI had a smile on the whole way through, EVEN THOUGH my trusty old analog bullshit detector was buzzing loudly.
18:03:21Luciferinteresting observation WW
18:03:24Satmuch of the facts are correct
18:03:35SatI had to admire how mm presented them
18:03:39localrogerALL of the facts are correct. Soem of the *cough* inferences are open to interpretation.
18:03:51Satlistening to the music alone was spiffy and informative to his aims.
18:03:51localrogerMuch of the film's budget went to fact-checking.
18:03:52LuciferYou found it enjoyable if not exactly true?
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