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2004-07-06 18:00:14 #virus from 2004-07-06 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:14rhinobut then you can change it again
18:00:22WWisn't that the "Forgot Password" routine?
18:01:17WWI don't want to change it cuz I'd have to change it on all existing pc's--I just want to "know" it ;)

rhino has changed the topic on #virus to "Free speech: should some groups be censored?"

18:02:01rhinoHow do we handle this?
18:02:15WWbeetlelucifer, beetlelucifer, beetlelucifer
18:02:20WWhandle what, the topic
18:02:32WWjump in, I guess
18:02:37prometheusPerhaps you could provide an opening statement and then we can let fly.
18:03:15rhinowe hear that here has been a mopve tro kick some hate groups out of the net recently in europe
18:03:49rhinois that flat right, flat wrong, or are there limits
18:04:23WWIf they violate an existing law, then yes, fuck 'em
18:04:31rhinoracist groups, nazi groups...
18:05:20WWoh, they've had their little communication channels forever. We don't ban those. (newsletters, etc.)
18:05:50rhinoso, should a racist group be denied access to the net only if it incites specific unlawful activities
18:06:06prometheusDo these efforts to ban the speech of hate groups actually strengthen their resolve?
18:06:47rhinowho can say. they deny them some means though
18:08:09rhinowhat about a site with material on homemade bomb manufacturing?
18:08:51prometheusThe Anarchist's Cookbook.
18:09:12rhinoyes, is it a problem to be online?
18:10:05rhinoww, feel free to interject creative literature
18:10:16rhinojust to keep up the pace
18:11:05prometheusWho is watching the censors? Are their checks and balances?
18:11:54rhinolets say that in principle all free speech should be allowed then
18:12:20rhinoshould there be an exception when the law can press a specific charge?
18:13:10WWI'm not much on censorship. Or victimless crime statutes. They're both predicate on making statistically based legal interventions. Bad idea.
18:13:45prometheusWhat type of charge, rhino?
18:14:03prometheusLike yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre.
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