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2004-06-22 18:00:10 #virus from 2004-06-22 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:10localrogerWar? What war?
18:00:58prometheusI would rather talk about private space travel. Go SpaceShipOne! :)
18:01:06Lucifergood idea

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Lucifer has changed the topic on #virus to "Private space exploration"

18:01:41outlawpoetit was a good show
18:01:48rhinothe greetings reminded me of a math problem of my daughter last week
18:01:49rhino"all the people exchanged 91 handshakes, how many were there?"
18:02:12rhinook, to space now
18:02:20Luciferwas there a show?
18:02:21FuturaLucifer: Is this a "yes or no" question?

Mode change [-v Futura] on #virus by Lucifer

18:02:32outlawpoetwell, it was kind of a show.
18:02:42LuciferDid anything explode?
18:02:53outlawpoetthe rocket lit on fire and made a lot of smoke
18:03:01prometheusSomething crumpled on the ship.

Eliezer (~sentience@[death to spam].c-24-99-110-71.atl.client2.attbi.com) has joined #virus

18:03:13outlawpoetit was a lot of fun.

Eliezer (~sentience@[death to spam].c-24-99-110-71.atl.client2.attbi.com) has quit IRC [Quit: If you insist on maintaining your own Way, you will aggravate people. But if you stray from your ethics, you will fall into depravity. Evil and ambition scatter into darkness. All that remains is a dubious rumor among the townsfolk.]

18:03:20localrogerAlso they had an attitude control program that would have borked the mission if it happened earlier; they were lucky.
18:03:22outlawpoeta good crowd.
18:03:37LuciferI find it interesting that this X Prize is motivating real progress
18:03:39localrogerprogram --> problem
18:03:40rhinoheh, Eliezer spied on us briefly
18:03:46Luciferinteresting and encouraging
18:03:46localrogerVERY briefly :-)
18:04:08LuciferA few weeks ago we discussed "Who Matters"
18:04:19localrogerI missed that one :-(
18:04:24Jonatan21We are increasingly dependent on computers for everything -- finances, communications, transportation, manufacturing, our health and even our lives -- and our dependence on computers is increasing exponentially.
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