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2004-06-08 18:00:09 #virus from 2004-06-08 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:09rhinoour membership has been selected for years with the mailing list function

Jonano (dddghghhh@[death to spam].51-203.tr.cgocable.ca) has quit IRC [Quit: http://www.nanoaging.com (I am the guy able to perceive, to achieve understanding and to apprehend) Author: Now and Forever]

18:00:45rhinothings could be very slow without it

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].ns1.abiose.net) has joined #virus

18:01:28Sathowdy ophis

WW (~wlwatts@[death to spam].ip68-13-228-248.ok.ok.cox.net) has joined #virus


Mode change [+o WW] on #virus by ChanServ

18:01:36Sat* Sat hands ophis a golden apple
18:01:40rhinothere was once a plan to make the BBS sections work like opt out mailing lists
18:01:44Fluxso whats the chat topic to be?
18:01:45rhinohey ophis
18:01:53Ophis* Ophis accepts the golden apple with pleasure.
18:02:15LuciferWhat I have in mind for the topic is kind of a combination of policy and technology
18:02:29Luciferbut basically infrastruction (social) for the future of CoV
18:02:30rhinoi understand that that plan needed a workforce
18:02:36Luciferinfrastructure even
18:02:40Sat* Sat hands Lucifer a golden apple
18:02:55Lucifer* Lucifer accepts the golden apple graciously
18:03:09Fluxnoo, it will soil mankind!
18:03:16WW*WW draws bow on apples
18:03:25OphisTo the fairest of them all
18:03:26LuciferThe current system has served us more or less OK for the past 2 years
18:03:52Sat* Sat chuckles
18:04:13OphisCould we quickly go over what the scope of the "system" is? BBS, IRC, Meridion?
18:04:29FluxI think I much preffer chats like this, but obviously their are disavantages, such as searching, and listing.
18:05:19rhinothe chats won't go away i guess
18:06:10Fluxyeah, maybe we could look at systems for indexing the chats, are they all linked to on the wiki?
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