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2004-06-01 20:00:04 #virus from 2004-06-01 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:04Luciferwho here is a self-identified libertarian?
20:00:05OphisI'll take the libertarian side as depicted by me. :-)
20:00:15prometheusMe too.
20:00:32rhinook, depict away
20:00:49localroger* localroger loads up his great big nanny-state baseball bat with environmentally friendly lead shot
20:01:12JerryLeelocalroger the gun nut
20:01:38localrogerGun nut?
20:01:52rhinowhat would ou say are the proper basic postulates?
20:01:58localroger* localroger looks around his house for a gun.
20:02:01LuciferSo localroger agrees with Seth Finkelstein... anyone else?
20:02:12localrogerNothing here except the bazooka on my desk.
20:02:21[Nurgle]I'll take Seths point of view too
20:02:43LuciferFirst, is it true that lib. is highly axiomatic, and if so, is that bad?
20:03:02OphisI think it's true and I think it's a good thing.
20:03:25OphisIt provides a compas against which one may guide or judge a decision
20:03:27localrogerI'd say Seth is right that Libertarianism (as a political movement) is bad precisely because it is axiomatic, rather than being driven by desirable effects and demonstrable causes.
20:03:52rhinook, what are the axiom(s)?
20:03:56prometheusHow about evidence supported axioms?
20:04:09localrogerIf you need evidence to support them they aren't axioms any more.
20:04:20rhinothey may be
20:04:45OphisThey may be axioms supported by evidence without needing to be supported a-priori
20:05:04rhinobut what i saw was a "moral principle"
20:05:15LuciferSeth's main first criticism seems to be that lib.s arrive at "obviously kooky" conclusions even though they seem to follow logically from the axioms.
20:05:16localrogerThe main axioms are THE MARKET IS ALWAYS RIGHT and GOVERNMENT CAN DO NOTHING RIGHT.
20:05:27rhinohow can you support a moral principle with evidence
20:05:27[Nurgle]Lib. isn't actually for anything, it's against.
20:05:28OphisI'll try to write a few axioms...
20:05:36Luciferlocalroger, I hope you are kidding
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