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2004-05-18 20:00:07 #virus from 2004-05-18 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:07OphisUnlike what you may think, my frequent flyer miles didn't come "for free" :-)
20:00:39rhinoi know, and you want me to pay for mine too, i guess :)
20:00:53prometheusOphis believes in the freedom of intellectual property. I will argue with him there, rhino.
20:01:15OphisWell, if frequent flyer miles were free, I guess they wouldn't be worth very much to anybody
20:01:48OphisI'm going to have a tough nighe...
20:02:07rhinoprometheus, i guess you menn freedom not as in "no cost"
20:02:08OphisShould we get started even if the Overloard isn't around?
20:02:52OphisIt's more complex than that rhino. I simply don't think that IP should be legally protected
20:03:00prometheusI mean freedom as in no property rights for intellectual property.
20:04:35OphisSo, let's chat about what should be free. Should air and water be free? Healthcare? Lodging?
20:04:39rhinois ophis' difference based in that there should not exist an enforcement authority
20:05:31prometheusAs I understand it Ophis believes that property rights only apply to physical objects and not to more abstract entities.
20:05:43OphisI think there'll always be an "enforcement authority". I just favor enforcement authorities that one choses willingly
20:06:57rhinoi don't think technical knowledge is that much different from physical artifacts
20:07:06OphisIndeed, I think property applies only to things that can be taken away from an owner
20:07:16rhinomaybe my main difference in the "should" verb
20:08:08rhinoi think property and owner are abstraction fro extremely complex social arrangements

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20:08:45rhinowhich have to be always enforrces, ao that they don't fall apart
20:09:12Ophisrhino, I think an important aspect of "property" is that it can be controlled by the owner
20:09:59rhinowhen you earn something for your work or your ownership, that something is not embeded i. it copmes from the whole system you are operating in
20:10:34rhinothat is why land value differs, for example
20:11:07rhinoyou don't really own something with a value per se
20:11:29Joneseyserenade, you're right, info enters the market all the time, but it's tough if you're not a market gatekeeper, those guys really suck out most of the first order info
20:11:45Ophisland and houses are not like music and ideas. I can steal your house and forcefully prevent you from enjoying it. I can't steal your idea and prevent you from enjoying it.
20:12:24OphisI agree that value is subjective and that any piece of property cannot be ascribed an "objective" value.
20:12:26rhinoophis, yes but the value of that house is something coming from the whole system
20:12:35OphisWe agree on that
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