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2004-05-11 20:00:09 #virus from 2004-05-11 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:09Lucifer* Lucifer welcomes Nikolai
20:00:17rhinohey Nikolai
20:00:29LuciferOur topic this evening is "Who Matters?"
20:01:00LuciferI'd like to chat about who is currently making a large positive influence on the future
20:01:04rhinohmm, should we start with syntax and grammar or with names?
20:01:07LuciferWho do you admire most today?
20:01:46LuciferWho is doing the best work?
20:02:05LuciferWho will future generations remember?
20:02:52goomba`sleepi admire george bush and i think he will alllways be remembered ;)

goomba`sleep is now known as goomba

20:02:58LuciferWill we find the answers in the book rhino mentioned? http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0385484488/104-6955128-1436713
20:03:16rhinoheh, he says the Core Group matters
20:03:37Luciferwho is the Core Group?
20:03:57rhinoi only got a vague idea from the reviews
20:04:07NikolaiMy guess is that you probably have to buy the book to find out. ;)
20:05:06rhinoto figure out who will be remembered we'll have to know the future...
20:05:29Luciferthat shouldn't stop us from making predictions
20:05:50goombai like the review that says this book is a piece of crap ;)
20:06:02goombaits much louder so i must believe it!
20:06:02Lucifersurely somebody somewhere is doing something worthy of our admiration?
20:06:04rhinoso, it boils down to where we expect a breakthrough?
20:06:39NikolaiAre these necessarily people who are alive today?
20:06:46Luciferrhino, perhaps, if that is the criterion you choose
20:06:55Luciferyes, they have to be alive today
20:07:57rhinoi think everything is a build-up and at some point they stop and wonder what to do and someone brings the brick needed
20:08:34rhinoit takes a guess... will it be energy, nanotchnology, world peace...?
20:08:50Luciferwhat are you saying rhino, that whoever gets the glory actually plays only a small part?
20:09:09rhinoyes and no
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