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2004-05-04 20:00:04 #virus from 2004-05-04 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:04LuciferWelcome to this week's chat
20:00:14LuciferThe topic is "What Matters?"
20:00:24rhinoheh, walter's VCOD
20:00:25rhinovisual candy of the day
20:00:25WWsmooches to Lucy ;)
20:00:34Lucifer* Lucifer blushes
20:01:06LuciferFirst I would like to discuss what kind of things could possibly matter
20:01:37LuciferCan we narrow the field a bit, or can anything conceivable matter?
20:02:04LuciferThis preliminary exercise should help us frame the question and define our terms
20:02:07rhinoshould we ask "matters to who?"
20:02:08Epistaxis"everything matters" and "nothing matters" are easy; it's the division of things that makes it difficult
20:03:02LuciferThere may also be a distinction between what does matter and what should matter
20:03:30EpistaxisI don't think ethics apply to belief
20:03:49Luciferthat is an odd claim
20:04:21LuciferAny reason you think that?
20:04:30EpistaxisProbably not
20:04:45LuciferWas that a random utterance?
20:05:10rhinook, i assert that nothing matter by itself. it must be specified "to who" (individual or group). so ethics can apply
20:05:26EpistaxisNo, it was a response to the implications of the idea that things "should matter"
20:06:22LuciferSomething matter by themselves, sentient things, right?
20:06:29rhinoi can say that "this should matter to all of you"
20:06:30LuciferSome things^
20:06:55EpistaxisI don't like the possible implications of that
20:07:39rhinolucifer, i don't think the matter by themselves,
20:07:39rhino they may matter to themselves or to each other
20:07:50WWWW tries to rise up over the xenophobic din of life and gain a global "what matters" perspective, but gravity smacks him right straight back down to here: http://www.walterwatts.com/images/hands.jpg What can I do?
20:08:15EpistaxisI think people don't matter in themselves; they only matter to goals, though one goal might be To Serve Man or somesuch
20:08:27Luciferheh, I recognize that statue, I used to live very close to the City of Faith
20:08:32WWI'm "stuck" with this substrate, this phenotype, these experiences
20:08:48Epistaxisthat goal isn't implied by the possibility of things' mattering
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