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2004-04-27 20:00:09 #virus from 2004-04-27 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:09localrogerNot being able to see a fucking wire sticking through a hole on a circuit board doesn't make me happy either, but that's 20/20 vision when you're 40.
20:00:09rhinoit is annoying to not be able to do something that simple
20:00:40localrogerI was using a copy lens as a magnifying glass, which is awkward. I will have to make other arrangements.
20:01:02localrogerGF^H^H my wife assures me it's only just started (she's six years older than me).
20:01:29rhinodoes she grin?
20:01:43localrogerA little, yeah.

Jonesey (~trillian@[death to spam].66-65-59-209.nyc.rr.com) has joined #virus


Mode change [+o Jonesey] on #virus by ChanServ

20:02:19localrogerBut it's not really all that funny, and we both know it.
20:02:41Rebecawhat does ^H^H mean?
20:02:41localrogerHell, it's why we got married.
20:02:50Rebecajonesey: I'm in a big city
20:03:01localrogercontrol-H is the same as backspace, it's geek
20:03:25localrogerRebeca, what big city if we may ask?
20:03:36localroger(I'm in New Orleans, Louisiana)
20:03:40Rebecasan antonio

Rotaerk (~Rotaerk@[death to spam]. has joined #virus

20:03:45Joneseyhi folks, time for scheduled chat::"Conflict resolution and avoiding human extinction"
20:03:49Joneseytalk amongst yourselves without using the word "existential"
20:04:11rhinojonesey, i think we had a similar chat lately
20:04:18JoneseyI'm from nyc, which doesn't have a team in the nba playoffs unlike NO and SA
20:04:26rhinowhere lucifer presented us with the theory of the pie
20:04:27Joneseyyep rhino
20:04:34JoneseyHm I missed that theory
20:04:45hkhensonthere is a chat tonight?
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