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2004-04-20 20:00:01 #virus from 2004-04-20 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].ns1.abiose.net) has joined #virus

20:00:06rhinothis way i might get my ass to read it
20:00:07LuciferOphis will save us
20:00:22Luciferquick Ophis, a topic
20:00:22OphisDo I need to get crucified again?
20:00:44Luciferno, not again
20:00:59OphisI say we talk about Penn and Teller. Somehow, these guys are able to spread memes that I've never seen on TV
20:01:20localrogerHow about Uploading.
20:01:25OphisWho'd dare to go against Environmentalism on national TV?!
20:01:29LuciferI have to agree that Bullshit! is the best tv show I've seen in a long time
20:01:46LuciferI added environmentalism as a future topic
20:01:50JerryLeejohn stossel has Ophis
20:02:13OphisIt's refreshing to hear that creationists are (and I quote) "Fucking crazy!"
20:02:14localroger* localroger notes that we are +2 minutes into the official chat time with no topic.
20:02:16serenadei just met him
20:02:20serenadelast week

Lucifer has changed the topic on #virus to "Uploading"

20:02:34JerryLeei'd love to meet him sometime
20:02:41OphisWho's John Stossel?!
20:02:44localrogerWow I have HMMPH the power.
20:02:51serenadeporn star turned journalist
20:03:01LuciferOK, the topic this eve is Uploading
20:03:03OphisI was serious about exploring the "Penn and Teller" phenomena
20:03:05JerryLeejournalist turned libertarian
20:03:09OphisBut uploading is good too
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