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2004-04-13 20:00:17 #virus from 2004-04-13 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:17OphisMaybe he was afraid
20:00:33rhinoof punishment? or of crime?
20:00:40prometheusOr maybe he is being punished?
20:01:35OphisI guess we should start the chat then
20:01:56OphisWhat do you guys think, is punishment moral?

Lucifer (~nemo@[death to spam].modemcable145.101-200-24.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #virus


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20:02:13rhinohey lucifer
20:02:21OphisWe thought you were being punished
20:02:25Lucifersorry I'm late
20:02:29goombapunish all teh sinners ;)
20:02:34Luciferpunish me
20:02:46OphisHave you commited a crime?
20:02:47rhinofor i sinned
20:02:50LuciferSo did you start without me?
20:03:08goombayour 30 seconds late Lucifer
20:03:08rhinoophis just asked an initial question
20:03:16OphisWell, I put out the question: is punishment moral?
20:04:08rhinosince morality is usually considered social, yes, it can be moral
20:04:08LuciferWhat is the purpose of punishment?
20:04:16OphisOr should we start with something more palpatable, is punishment necessary?
20:04:33goombato make the people who do thinks we dont like feel bad
20:04:40goombaor feel dead....depends on the punishment...
20:04:42LuciferMost (I guess) would say it is obviously necessary
20:04:43prometheusA deterrent. Negative reinforcement. Behaviour modification.
20:04:44rhinowe can also repeat what brought up this idea
20:05:05OphisI guess the purpose of punisment would be to create fear in others in order to prevent certain behavior
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