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2004-04-06 20:00:03 #virus from 2004-04-06 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:03localrogerMy last trip for them was to Springdale, Arkansas where their research facility is located.
20:00:13Tywickyes indeed
20:00:17LuciferOK, weekly chat begins now
20:00:29Tywickthe best white meat there is :-P]
20:00:29LuciferTonight's topic is gun control and self-defence rights
20:00:57Tywickhmm where to start?
20:01:10LuciferSo first maybe we should say which side we are advocating (if any)

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20:01:21OphisWhat are the sides?
20:01:34Lucifergun control: for and against
20:01:43Tywickwell first by no means do I see assault rifles fitting with-in the classification of defense
20:01:53localrogerBoth for and against. It all depends on "jim-bob."
20:02:20localrogerWe cannot let jim-bob have nukes to go at his gophers. Or mortars, or probably 50mm cannon.
20:02:47localrogerAt the same time, in the USA, I have to recognize that jim-bob has a gun. Or if he doesn't, his crack-dealing stepson does.
20:02:48TywickI've never purchased a gun so I'm not sure exactly what the requirements are to obtain firearms
20:03:15LuciferGenerally, should the populace have to register with the state in order to own a firearm (assume a normal hunting rifle for purposes of this question)
20:03:16localrogerIn the USA the requirement to obtain a firearm is that you not be a convicted felon and you wait 7 days. Manage that, and you can blow elephants away at 1000 yards.
20:03:30JerryLeegood gun control is hitting your target at center mass
20:03:59LuciferWe'll get to assault rifles and bazookas later
20:03:59localrogerI personally think that's a little excessive. But in a society already so saturated with guns, I can't see preventing someone from buying a pistol or shotgun for defensive purposes, if it's not automatic and not elephant-gun bore.
20:04:08OphisIn Canada you have to take a course, an exam, apply for a license, buy the gun, and register the gun
20:04:18TywickIMHO I think people should have to go through a similar process for a driver's license.
20:04:34JerryLeeagreed Tywick
20:04:42localrogerIt's worth noting that Michael Moore made a special point of Canada in "Bowling for Columbine," isnce they have as many guns as we do but aren't nearly as violent.
20:04:42Tywickwell just what Ophis said
20:05:17OphisI don't know if I want to rely on Moore's movie to make my mind for or against gun control though
20:05:28LuciferMoore blamed the media more than any sort of gun control
20:05:35localrogerOTOH if you have a society that is relatively gun-free, as England *was* at one point, I can see having strict laws trying to keep it that way.
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