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2004-03-16 20:00:07 #virus from 2004-03-16 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:07Lucifer* Lucifer welcomes all to the weekly chat
20:00:24LuciferTonight's topic is "Poverty and Global Inequality"
20:00:52LuciferThe topic was inspired by an online article I read this morning>> http://www.economist.com/opinion/displayStory.cfm?story_id=2499118
20:00:53tomosounds interesting
20:01:08localroger* localroger warns there is a rightness of wing to its bent
20:01:21tomoheh, the economist?
20:01:23LuciferI'm curious to know others' opinion of it, the problem and possible solutions
20:01:36LuciferCertainly the article is leaning to the right
20:01:55Lucifer(but it looks pretty straight from my subjective perspective :-)
20:02:05localrogerThe article casually dismisses a great deal of common sense, although it makes a few good points.
20:02:27LuciferThat's exactly what I'm looking for, where does the article stray from the truth and good sense

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20:03:11LuciferAs an aside, I found it quite stimulating to read a left-leaning publication the other day, Adbusters magazine
20:03:15localrogerThe article's biggest shortcoming is something that should be dear to all our hearts. It gives no credit to the ability of new technology to form wealth faster than aid programmes could consume it.
20:03:45daraknorAid programs are self serving
20:04:00LuciferWho benefits from aid programs?
20:04:17tomothose who get control of the aid, for one
20:04:21daraknorand the unwritten rule is that if you get a 100 million dollar loan from the IMF to build a hydroelectric dam, then that 100 million goes to US companies
20:04:27WWWalter Watts of the Royal Society of Bombing Brown People Under Dubious Circumstances Present.... http://www.walterwatts.com/images/webcam.htm
20:04:31localrogerIt is focused on the work ethic -- Africa's problems are due to Africa's unwillingness to roll up its sleeves and work. But many of us foresee a future in which machines will create so much wealth so cheaply that nobody would have to work. The Economist wonks are as unable to contemplate that future as monkeys are to solve differential equations.
20:04:58Luciferdaraknor, I don't think that rule is even unwritten, sometimes it is a quite explicit condition of the loan
20:05:21daraknorthe people who market the "aid" are the only ones served. I liked the use of small $50 loans to create businesses. When the IMF gave funding to Egypt, it gave it as small payments to individuals and new businesses abounded.
20:05:35tomoah, microloans
20:05:43daraknorLucifer: agreed :/ "unknown or unstated"
20:05:47localrogerThe small payments thing is definitely the way to go, otherwise it just ends up fattening the pockets of the rich.
20:05:58tomogive individuals the ability to invest for themselves
20:06:11WWis there some proof these "microloans" accomplished their goal?
20:06:31daraknorYeah, an experiment in India, but i don't remember who did it
20:06:33tomothere's plenty of anecdotal evidence, i dunno about any studies
20:06:34daraknorwill google.
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