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2004-03-02 20:00:03 #virus from 2004-03-02 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:03Lucifertime to chat!

LuciferBot (~nemo@[death to spam].modemcable145.101-200-24.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #virus

20:00:09serenade`wait is mermaid here?
20:00:12serenade`ok phew
20:00:20Lucifertonight's topic is The Future of Sex
20:00:28Luciferpay no attention to the LuciferBot
20:00:35John_Venturevillewe need some females here to balance things out for such an important topic
20:00:43rhinohmm.. how can we get a hold on this...
20:00:44LuciferMermaid is our token fembot
20:01:11rhinoi'll say that sex is composed of 3 things
20:01:17John_Venturevilletoo bad Natasha and Nanogirl aren't here
20:01:47rhinodirect hormonal stuff, memories of situations involving it, and perceptions of others passed along through culture
20:02:01kzzchthe future of sex looks bleak, as far as i'm concerned.
20:02:08LuciferMy main question is how much longer will sex be the main driver of human behaviour?
20:02:33rhinowhich of these 3 parts can survive, for how long, and in what form
20:02:37kzzchum, forever? i don't think the majority considers it much of a problem.
20:02:57Mermaidhey rhino!
20:03:03rhinohey Merm!
20:03:03kzzchso i doubt, unless in an ironic twist of fate, the >H community outbreeds the Luddites, that it'll change.
20:03:25John_VenturevilleI see postsingularity technologies just enhancing human sexuality, even if sometimes in astounding ways
20:03:32prometheusPerhaps humanity will branch into those driven by sex and those who attempt to move past it.
20:03:45kzzchmy question is: why bother with sex after the singularity?
20:03:59Mermaidkzzch: dont make me beat you to a pulp
20:04:14MermaidJV..but first..how can sexuality be enhanced?
20:04:14John_Venturevillebecause it's fun, but more than just fun, because at it's best it can bond people together
20:04:15kzzchMermaid: don't make me beg :}
20:04:39John_VenturevilleMermaid, for instance, the length and intensity of an orgasm
20:04:45kzzchso i'm sure you can find ways to do it post-singularity (bond, etc...) without the need for a towel and a wet-spot.
20:04:52Mermaidsexuality is diff from sex
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