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2004-02-17 20:00:01 #virus from 2004-02-17 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:01SatI care little for much beyond meeting my living expenses
20:00:07LuciferOfficial chat starts now
20:00:11LuciferWelcome all
20:00:24LuciferOur topic this eve is "The Future of Leisure"
20:00:28Luciferthx to rhino
20:00:34rhinohuman relations is something i have been trying to exorcise
20:00:34rhinoit always comes back and bites me
20:00:50rhinooh, leisurology time
20:01:17LuciferWhat ever happened to the 30 hour work week we were supposed to be enjoying by now?
20:01:40Sat* Sat does about 15 hours a week
20:01:43LuciferIs it really a goal? Do we choose to work more than we have to?
20:01:50localroger* localroger hears GF say "AND MY JET-PACK!"
20:02:03Luciferyeah, and flying car ;-)
20:02:30LuciferWell, here an interesting stat from the book Flow, most people do work 30 hours a week, and spend another 10 hours at work goofing off
20:02:40Sat* Sat grins
20:02:46Satand they get PAID!
20:02:55Lucifercertainly fits my observations
20:03:00rhinonew emergent agents such as the corporation keep pushing us forth
20:03:01rhinothey say that if they don't keep pushing they will go belly up
20:03:15localrogerIt's not that we choose to work for the most part, it's that society is quite deliberately structured at every level to coerce us to work. That, or starve.
20:03:17Lucifertimes keep get leaner
20:03:28Lucifermore layoffs means more work for everyone left
20:03:52Luciferwe are constantly encouraged to work more efficiently and smarter to increase productivity
20:04:22localroger...although when society doesn't happen to need our work, we are disposable and we are left to starve.
20:04:31LuciferHow many people would actually starve if their paycheck was cut 20% or 40%?
20:04:53localrogerHey, back when I was making a lot less I deliberately went to 24 hr work week for a few years.
20:05:38rhinoa problem is that this non-human agent, the corporation, has to compete and win
20:05:39rhinoand it won't let us slack
20:05:39localrogerI wanted the time for personal projects and the topic at hand. The reason I went back to 40 hrs was they needed me enough to pay enough to drag me back.
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