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2004-02-10 20:00:04 #virus from 2004-02-10 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:04Lucifertime to get started
20:00:08Luciferwelcome all
20:00:23LuciferThe topic this eve is the ethics of proselytization
20:00:45Ophisie: is it allright to convert someone?
20:00:47LuciferIt was partly inspired by the story making the news these days of the proselytizing pilot
20:01:20OphisI haven't read the story...
20:01:29Ophis* Ophis goes to visit CNN
20:01:37daraknormay i invite rational people?
20:01:42Luciferapparently a pilot on AA asked all Christians to identify themselves (raise your hands)
20:01:53Luciferthen invited everyone else to discuss faith with the xtians
20:02:08OphisAre you serious!?
20:02:12Luciferyou may invite anyone you like daraknor
20:02:20Lucifertrue story
20:02:35LuciferDid the pilot cross the line?
20:02:42LuciferShould he be reprimanded? Fired?
20:02:53Ophistotally crossed the line.
20:02:54hkhensonthe pilot had just got back from some intensive cult/religious training
20:03:05hkhensonhis judgment was likely kind of warped
20:03:07LuciferWhat would you do if you were on the plane? Would you be angry? offended?
20:03:21prometheusI would be amused.
20:03:22daraknoras someone that has prepared for defending my beliefs, i would not be offended
20:03:25Luciferhkhenson, yes, that's the kind guy you want flying your plane
20:03:37hkhensonI would take the opportunity to convert them to be heatens.
20:03:42OphisI'd be upset that the pilot (authority) is applying unwanted pressure to participate in an unwelcome activity
20:03:51daraknorbut I would feel uncomfortable with the idea that he could at some point hold us hostage to his beliefs
20:04:02LuciferYes, there is no way to opt out, you either raise your hand or you don't
20:04:16hkhensonthere is a famous story about a movement I started that did just that.
20:04:36Luciferdid just what?
20:04:37hkhensonthe University of Arizona eventually had to quit asking what religion people favored
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