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2004-01-13 20:00:03 #virus from 2004-01-13 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:03localrogerMinority Report even had the Meta effect of getting actual real-world advertisers to contribute to the ads.
20:00:05localrogerOK, starting.
20:00:17LuciferThe topic this evening is "What is the purpose of principles"?
20:00:30LuciferWhy lead a principled life?
20:00:52LuciferIs it worth sticking to princinciples, even when the outcome seems to be undesirable?
20:01:03goombai dont like principles
20:01:05hkhensonI would say it is to advertize people can play non-zero sum games with you
20:01:09LuciferAnd for hkhenson, what is the EP slant?
20:01:20LuciferIs it just for appearances?
20:01:21localrogerYou know, this hits home since I saw "The Last Samurai" this weekend.
20:01:28hkhensonno, it is for real.
20:01:45LuciferAnd where do they come from?
20:01:50hkhensonpeople who are seen as trustworth get more chances to play non-zero games.
20:01:54localrogerIf we are cogs in a big machine, principles are what hold the machine together.
20:01:55LuciferAnd how do you know when you found the right set?
20:02:13hkhensonreputation is important.
20:02:15Luciferlocalroger, you got that from Tom Cruise?
20:02:17localrogerLucifer: answer is you survive.
20:02:33localrogerNo, I get that from general inference.
20:02:51LuciferI hope there is an easier way than dying to find out you have the wrong set
20:03:01LuciferI mean from the movie?
20:03:15localrogerWell yeah that would be nice. But I am currently writing a story set in the Passages universe which argues otherwise.
20:03:30localrogerI am discombobulated. Please restate the question with a referent.

prometheus (~duane@[death to spam].c-24-2-132-133.client.comcast.net) has joined #virus

20:04:08LuciferIf we are cogs in a big machine, principles are what hold the machine together. <-- did you get this from the Last Sumurai?
20:04:20localrogerNo Lucifer, I have always believed that.
20:04:34LuciferSo where does the movie come into it?
20:04:42localrogerWell, maybe not when I was a baby, but you get the idea.
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