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2004-01-06 20:00:05 #virus from 2004-01-06 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:05LuciferWelcome, all
20:00:15goombabens resume says $21 million
20:00:17LuciferTonights topic is "Apathy and Irony"
20:00:44prometheusWho cares?
20:00:58LuciferI think it was Sat who pointed out the similarity to that hit song "Ebony and Ivory"
20:01:03LuciferI had to kill him
20:01:17localrogerSo THAT's why he's not here tonight?
20:01:26Lucifereither that or he's at martial arts again
20:02:06LuciferThe discussion tonight will be fairly open to tangents
20:02:19localrogerIs there, like, a starting context?
20:02:30LuciferI just wanted to get some ideas about how to deal with apathy with respect to our little community here

rhino (rhino@[death to spam].ipa204.212.tellas.gr) has joined #virus


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20:02:48Lucifer* Lucifer welcome rhino with a chew toy
20:03:05goombano one cares about virus? :>
20:03:13Luciferinterest is waning
20:03:16rhinohey Lucifer. did we start?
20:03:19localrogerYou know it's funny, but I am writing another /passages/ story right now that starts off with the main (human this time) character being too depressed/bored to go out.
20:03:19Luciferjust now
20:03:42Luciferlocalroger, interesting, where did you get the inspiration for that?
20:04:03localrogerSeems like a common problem. Bringer "solves" it in, shall we say, a refreshing way :-)
20:04:27LuciferI'm looking forward to this next installment, the first 2 were excellent
20:04:47localrogerI was really thinking of the differences between the post-singularity existences of humans in the /passages/ and /prime-intellect/ universes.
20:05:09goombavirus needs grandiose projects ;)
20:05:16localrogerBesides the lack of omnipotence, the /passages/ AI's don't have any three-laws thing going on. They are friendly in, actually a more Eliezer-like sense.
20:05:34localrogerThey are free to occasionally do shocking things -- like Bringer's dash for home.
20:05:52Luciferand, hence, more interesting to human readers
20:05:53prometheusVirus needs rational passion.
20:06:01Luciferprometheus, bingo
20:06:15goombasounds ironic :P
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