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2003-12-23 20:00:24 #virus from 2003-12-23 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:24Lucifertime for the chat to begin
20:00:37LuciferToday's topic is on whether information can be owned
20:01:01LuciferHow should we begin?
20:01:03OphisThat's a scary thought to me
20:01:19localrogerHow about the difference between "can" and "should?"
20:01:26LuciferI thought this would be of special interest to the content creators here
20:01:33localroger* localroger coughs
20:01:42Ophis* Ophis looks at localroger
20:02:01OphisDo you think info can or should be owned?
20:02:12LuciferI had assumed that if information can't be owned that whether it should is a moot point
20:03:00localrogerThe ability to own information is subject to its ability to be hacked, which my experience tends to make me think it can't be owned.
20:03:28LuciferI'm not sure what you mean localroger
20:03:32localrogerBut if you allow the law to intrude (is that upside-down or what?) things get different.
20:04:01Ophishmmm, I have shivers just thinking about it
20:04:40localrogerIf you are a mega-corporation with 50 levels of $1 million security on your data, your data is still only as secure as the ability of a 15yo with too much time on his hands to probe your server.
20:05:18OphisSo we're talking about protecting trade secrets here. Like the Coca-Cola recipe.
20:05:38localrogerIf you are joe blow novelist, your data is only as secure as the law that prevents your publisher's competitor from copying your well-received book and re-publishing it without paying you a dime.
20:06:02localrogerOphis, it's not that simple.
20:06:40LuciferWhich law covers all jurisdictions?
20:06:56OphisGeorge W. Bush's law
20:06:59localrogerWell, no law covers ALL jurisdictions, if you're talking about the Earth.
20:07:02Ophis:-) (only kidding)
20:07:17LuciferRight, so the law only helps in some countries
20:07:38OphisAnd as soon as the book is out of the country, we face the same problem again
20:08:02localrogerSame thing kind of applies to patents
20:08:27localrogerJoe schmoe can't afford to make 170+ patent applications but JScorp can.
20:08:41OphisGood point. So do you think the copyright and patent systems are sustainable?
20:09:33localrogerI don't know. I think something like them is necessary in a capitalist socitety, but that doesn't inform as to whether it is or isn't workable.
20:10:15OphisIf I was an author, I'd write books and articles for free on a popular web site (like K5) until I gained enough notoriety for a publisher to actually be interested to buy an original work from me.
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